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Creating Long-Term Value

The Middle-Market Now Has A Choice 

For decades, mid-and large-cap public companies have derived significant and sustainable benefits from Maverick’s truly innovative business strategies, action plans and guidance.  Now, the same integrity and inimitable client service is available to middle-market companies. The firm’s broad functional practice area is imbued with its unique integration of the management and behavioral sciences.  Now, every type and size of organization has a clear choice when retaining a management consulting firm: the status quo or The Maverick Way.   Any firm can make promises.  Maverick guarantees them! Read More...

threat2Listen and learn (for free!) how to avoid disastrous communication breakdowns with colleagues, your boss, your subordinates, customers, vendors, and even your family members.

“If you deal with people, you need to listen to this!”  Warren Dettinger, General Counsel (Ret.) Diebold, Inc.



Did you know that most senior executives don’t really understand how the critical decisions in their organization are being made?  Have you ever wondered if some decisions were made based more on trusted relationships or friendships, rather than on internal or external experts, market intelligence and facts? Dr. Martin D. Cohen tells us that “most decisions aren’t logical, they’re psychological.” Read More...

Even the CEO Can't Tell People What to Do Anymore

CEO UnhappyGroup

“Even the CEO can’t just tell his people what to do anymore. His or her directives will be met with malicious compliance and/or folded arms in the audience that say, this too shall pass.”

Bob Vanourek, Founding Partner, Maverick LLC (retired),
former CEO, Sensormatic Electronics Corp.


Arguably the most innovative and effective sales and sales management program available in the market today!  SalesEdge assesses each of your sales associates and then provides specific training that is developed to meet the individual needs of every person on your sales force. Among other benefits, SalesEdge will enhance customer loyalty; increase your market share; provide a sales compensation model that is more comprehensive than anything offered by any other firm;  identifies for sales management the true value of each of your sales associates; and will generate additional sales revenues while maintaining the highest margins in your industry.  And that’s just the beginning!  Learn how it works, here.

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