Maverick's Unique Engagement Methodology

The Middle Market Now Has a Better Choice

For decades, mid-and large-cap public companies have derived significant and sustainable benefits from Maverick’s truly innovative business strategies, action plans and hands-on execution of M&A. Now, the same innovation, integrity and inimitable client service is available to middle-market companies. The firm’s broad functional practice area is imbued with its pioneering integration of the management and behavioral sciences. Now, the middle-market also has a clear choice when hiring business consultants: the same old, same old, or Maverick. Any firm can make promises. Maverick guarantees them!

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Even the CEO Can’t Tell
People What To Do Anymore

“Even the CEO can’t just tell his people what to do anymore. His or her directives will be met with malicious compliance and/or folded arms in the audience that say, this too shall pass.”   Bob Vanourek, co-author of the award winning, Triple Crown Leadership


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